Royal Berkshire Hospital

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HOBART Twinline Flight Dishwasher installation for Royal Berkshire Hospital


Royal Berkshire Hospital is located in central Reading and provides acute patient services for 800 inpatients. The hospital is undergoing refurbishments throughout, including the improvements to the kitchen and dishwash areas.

20,000 items made up of crockery, trays and cutlery are washed by the hospital dishwashers every day. The efficiency of the kitchen and pot wash are imperative to the overall running of the hospital.

HOBART UK provided the turnkey solution to Royal Berkshire – from initial design, through to installation and training, HOBART understood the requirements from the customer and brought them to life.

Old HOBART dishwashers were removed and replaced with new in both the main kitchen and training areas. HOBART also installed a loan machine to minimise downtime and enable service to run smoothly during the transition.

The main potwash area saw a complete refurbishment with two HOBART FTNi 3S A-R DS5 AS-R Twinline Flight dishwashers, polycord conveyors and tray stackers – enabling staff to complete service efficiently and provide patients with the best possible care.

The project was led by HOBART UK’s National Account Manager, Paul Ricketts, and machines were installed and commissioned by HOBART Service’s expert Installation Technicians, Kevin Dart, Kevin Russell and Dave Mellor.

Daniel Cripps, Trust Catering Manager for Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust was happy with the service he received from HOBART, “Hobart was chosen due to the best design solution. (The installation and aftercare were) very good overall with Paul and Kevin going above and beyond.”

Daniel explained there were a couple of initial teething problems, however “…adjustments and minor issues were resolved quickly” and, “…the technology has vastly moved on and hoping they will be efficient and trouble free for many years to come.”