Frequently Asked Questions

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HOBART is a global leader in the field of commercial warewashing technology. HOBART products stand for top quality and reliability and have been developed in
close cooperation with customers.

Achieving gleaming, hygienically clean wash ware relies on using the right detergent and rinse aid, as well as the correct dosage. Hyline detergent and rinse aid has been specifically designed by HOBART for HOBART commercial dishwashers.

Thanks to their high-quality contents, the HOBART HYLINE cleaning chemicals are guaranteed to make your wash ware gleam to perfection with uncompromised hygiene.

With decades of experience and scores of satisfied customers across the globe, HOBART has proved itself as a warewashing brand that stands for innovation, value for money and quality.

One of the most important elements for achieving perfect rinse results is the efficiency of the dishwasher. However, the quality of the chemicals and water used in the process is just as important.

Reliable rinse results and customer satisfaction can only be guaranteed if all three of these sources of influence are factored in and perfectly harmonised.

With its range of HYLINE cleaning chemicals, HOBART meets the demands of its customers to produce a “one-stop shop” solution. HYLINE products are suitable for all types of machines, from compact glasswashers through to utensil washers.

The HYLINE detergent range provides options for different water hardness, delivering great wash results and ensuring your machine is looked after.

HYLINE Hygiene Tablets are designed to work with the Hygiene Cycle of your HOBART dishwasher.

The requirement for a Hygiene Cycle will vary greatly between businesses, usage of machine and between different HOBART dishwashers.

Most HOBART dishwashers will flag up when a Hygiene Cycle is required. For any machines that don’t have this feature, we recommend a monthly deep clean to keep bacteria at bay.

Based on 1x Hygiene Cycle per month, a tub of 15x HYLINE Hygiene Tablets will last 15 months (per machine).

To find out more about deep cleaning your dishwasher, take a look at our video: How to deep clean my HOBART dishwasher

  1. Emulsification Grease and fat is emulsified and removed from the washware.
  2. Dispersion  Solid and insoluble residue is removed from the washware.
  3. Hygiene treatment Disinfectant agents such as chlorine, active oxygen, etc.
  4. Protection of washware Special care ingredients designed to protect the washware.
  5. Water softening Prevention of deposits on the washware or on machine parts (only effective up to a certain hardness grade).
  6. Wetting of washware for improved water distribution
  7. Capillarity Reduction of surface tension so that water can enter all recesses and cavities.
  1. Wetting of cleaned washware for effective rinsing
  2. Reduction of water surface tension: reduction of interfacial tension
  3. Accelerated washware drying

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